Stephjoy Girls

Religious Foundations

Religion at Stephjoy

Stephjoy Schools are built on strong religious foundations. We recognise the centrality of God in our lives. We therefore endeavour to mould students with a deeply-rooted fear of God.

We provide a Godly environment where students are taught to live according to God’s purpose for their lives and to follow His dictates. We acknowledge God as the giver of all knowledge and wisdom.

Christian Based Mentorship

Mrs. Joyce Mugambi, the founder of Stephjoy schools, is a passionate mentor and counsellor to her students. She spends a lot of time engaging her students in mentorship sessions where she teaches them how to cope with academics and life according to God’s perfect will. Students are taught Godly principles of success in academics and life as well as God’s purpose for their existence. These sessions have over time proven to be essential in the development of students as Stephjoy Girls High School is proud to produce students who not only excel academically but also go through life with a strong moral compass and strict discipline.  Here are some videos of her impactful mentorship sessions:

Mentorship Session: Power of Critical Thinking

Mentorship Session: Creative Thinking